Competition Information


Overall Competitions


Eveningwear (15%)

The eveningwear photo will be judged on elegance and confidence.  Each contestant doesn't have to spend a ton of money on a dress or photographer.  Sorority Woman are known for having closets full of formal dresses--pick one of your favorites and photograph away.**

Interview Attire (15%)

The interview attire photo will be judged on professionalism and confidence.  During college, each sorority woman should have at least one business suit available for a professional setting.  The expectation is not to buy a brand new suit but yet wear one that makes you feel good!**

Involvements & Achievements (30%)

It is important to showcase what we have accomplished.  Each contestant will have the opportunity to share what they have been involved with and accomplished through their community, campus, and sorority.

Interview Questions (40%)

The interview portion is to get to know each of our contestants on a more personal level.  The questions will range from personal experiences and what your opinions are on specific topics.  Be honest and sincere!

**Camera's today are made to the highest quality.  It is not required to hire a photographer.  If you know someone with a camera that will produce a good quality photo, ask if you can borrow it for an afternoon.  Submitting your photo's is easy, just upload it in the forms.







What is the Miss American Sorority Woman pageant?

Miss American Sorority Woman is a National Pageant to promote sorority women that are committed to community involvement and personal development.

Who can enter?

Women attending a U.S. College/University full time
Initiated into a national sorority
Must be 18 years old at time of competition
Must have a cummulative 2.5 g.p.a.

How much does it cost?

The application fee is only $25.  The sponsor fee is $495.  Lodging, Food, and all competition apparel will be at the cost of the contestant.

What materials do I need to compete?

What is the competition process? 

What is the timeline?