The Ms. American Sorority Woman pageant is established to promote the achievements of sorority women across the nation.  As a contestant, you will showcase your communication skills in interview & introduction, poise and confidence in evening gown, and personality & creativity in Greek Goddess Wear. Each category will be scored and a combined score will determine our new Ms. American Sorority Woman. 


Required Competitions

Interview & Introduction (1/3)
The interview & introduction portion will begin with each contestant introducing themselves with a 45 second speech.  Following the introduction the contestant will move into interview where they will spend 2 minutes with each judge.  Contestants will be judged on poise and appearance, confidence in responses, personality in conversation, and general impressions.  

Greek Goddess Wear (1/3)
Contestants will choose a fun and fashionable Greek Goddess outfit that best fits their own style.  Contestants can wear a Greek Goddess costume or create their own look.  Contestants will be judged on creativity of outfit, confidence and personality and general impression.  Greek Goddess Wear will be a part of the final pageant opening production.

Evening Gown (1/3)
Each contestant will wear an evening gown of their choice.  Evening gowns can be long or short but not provocative.  Choose a gown that best showcasing you!   Contestants will be judged on poise, confidence,  eye contact, and general impression.


Optional Competitions

Entry fee is $25 per speech.  Contestants will choose one of the following topics to speak about.  The speech should be no longer than 150 words.  Points will be deducted if over the word limit.  A written copy will need to be provided at pageant check-in. Judges will score based on content of speech, poise and appearance, and overall impression.  Contestants are recommended to wear their interview outfit; however contestants may wear an outfit they feel fits their speech the best.   Here are the topics contestants should speak on.  If a contestant would like to choose their own topic, it must be pre-approved through the national director.

•My Sorority Life
•Who I Admire Most 
•Why I am a Role Model 
•My Philanthropy

Entry fee is $25 per photo.
Contestants will enter there own personal photographs. Photos can be ahead shot or full length.  Photos should be brought with to pageant check-in.  All photos will be available for pick up once judging is complete.  Winners will be announced during the preliminary pageant.